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Yingkou Shengren Hospital

Yingkou Shengren Hospital is a comprehensive hospital invested and built by Yuchen group, which is characterized by cervical and lumbar diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Our hospital also has internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, Chinese medicine, rehabilitation and other departments. The equipment in our hospital includes Hitachi 32 slice CT, Hitachi digital DR imaging machine, domestic SONOSCAPE intelligent diagnosis S60 color Doppler ultrasound, German Kastner Ozone Therapy Device, Foraminal mirror made inGerman, gastroenteroscope, laparoscopy, cystoscope, radio frequency therapy instrument, clinical examination and other advanced equipment.

Our hospital staff adhere to the tenet of "high morality for Shengren hospital, benevolence for the people", with advanced equipment and exquisite technology, we provide you with civilized, high-quality and efficient services. May health and happiness accompany you forever!

Shengren Hospital(图1)Shengren Hospital(图2)

全国服务热线 : 0086-417-6578338