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Yuchen group focus on developing full-line refractory products including high-power graphitized electrode, fused magnesia, refractory bricks, unshaped refractories as well as metal casting and machining. Currently, it has developed into a middle-large-scale enterprise with an area of 160,000m2 and a total asset value of 450 million yuan, and grown rapidly in Gaizhou, which is in  good natural enviornment. The group has seven branches: Yingkou Longyufu Electric Furnace Material Co., Ltd., Yingkou Longyufu Graphite Products Co., Ltd., Yingkou Hongtong Special Refractory Co., Ltd., Gaizhou Bolong Refractory Co., Ltd., Gaizhou Maolin Refractory Co., Ltd., Gaizhou Pengshun Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yingkou Shengren Hospital Co., Ltd.

The group takes high-quality products and services as the basis of the enterprise, so as to satisfy the users, to win the market. At present, Yuchen group has established long-term cooperations with well-known enterprises such as Anshan Steel, Benxi Steel, Liuzhou Steel, Tianjin Steel, Aosen Steel, etc. and its products have been exported to Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions, and has established a global sales network and service system, so that customers can enjoy professional after-sales service.

Yuchen group has been adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty wins the market, science and technology creates the future", the business management purposes of "returning the employees, returning the society" as well as all customer-oriented service concept, thus providing users with high-quality, comprehensive, professional and high-quality services.

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全国服务热线 : 0086-417-6578338